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Click On the Video Below to Find Out How You Can Send Engaging Emails To Your Brand New Subscribers Even If You Have Never Written an Email Before.

If you have been busy building your list of eager subscribers, then congratulations are in order. You are halfway to being able to make money on demand.

However, building your list is only half of the equation.

To truly benefit from your list, you must communicate with your subscribers on a regular basis.

The emails you write and send to your subscribers will dictate the overall success of your having your list. 

But if you find that writing emails are a stumbling block for you, I might just have the answer for you...

Everyone Says You Need To Have A List, But What Do You Do Next?

If you are failing to earn any income from your list, it really isn't your fault.

You see everyone talks about building a list but very few talk about what to do after/while you are building your list. The focus is just on building and building and building.

There are a few online marketers who emphasize the importance of sending regular engaging emails to your list no matter the size of your list.

I don't care if you list is only 10 subscribers. Send your emails.

So now you know you need to send emails. But what do you send them?

The emails you send to your subscribers need to be engaging, build relationships and create sales. 

Not many marketers/coaches teach that aspect of list building and even less will do it for you.

There Are Many Reasons Why You Are Not Writing and Sending Regular Emails!

Even if you have the best email marketing training, writing emails may still not be something you can or want to do.

You might not have the time to sit down and write the emails. You may feel that you don't have the skill set needed.  Or it might just be that you just really don’t enjoy having to spend time in front of your computer trying to come up with stuff people will want to read.

Whatever YOUR reason is I get it, I understand that there are lots of barriers to sending out regular engaging emails to your subscribers…

…many of which I suffered from in my earlier days.

But whatever your reason, the results of not sending regular engaging emails are the same…

…you will limit your income potential.

Why Not Have Someone Write Your Emails For You?

Despite now successfully using emails to create an ongoing income, this wasn’t always the case for me.

Not all that long ago, I knew that I should be writing and sending emails to my subscribers, but I felt completely overwhelmed at the thought of writing those emails.

The truth was I just didn’t know where to start to write engaging emails…

…especially not on a regular basis!

I froze when I was trying to craft an email for a product, I wanted to promote it was so bad I resorted to using the same vendor emails as everyone else. 

I even used the services of several “copywriting experts” who charged an arm and a leg for writing emails for me.

I was paying upwards of $25 per email for some of the emails I was using. The results I got from those emails were not what they should have been for the cost I paid.

So, does any of this sound familiar?

If so, what I am about to offer you for you could be a major turning point in your online business results.

The Done For You Email Club

You are going to get a month’s worth of profit-boosting, relationship building, engaging emails each and every month.

These carefully crafted emails have been written by me to both build a strong relationship with your subscribers, while at the same time subtly promoting products or services.

All you need to do is add your own links, load them up into your Autoresponder and send them to your subscribers to see instant rewards!

Copy - Paste - Edit - Send. That's It.  Work on building your list and let your autoresponder do the work.  Watch your engagement and profits grow...

My Blood, Sweat, and Tears and Years of Effort Have Finally Paid Off and You Will Get the Benefits of Those Efforts

It took me forever to write my emails when I finally pushed through and I wasn't happy with them. Some of what I wrote was pure garbage. 

It was a learning experience...

... and I kept on learning.

I spent time and money on training just on email copywriting.

I learned from not giving up and kept trying to write emails.

I signed up to every marketer's list I could find and read and saved every email.

I bought several courses on email marketing to try and learn new ideas

Over time I have gotten better and better and now I build relationships and make sales with my emails.

I write emails for other marketers and my emails are used in a membership site that helps beginning marketers starting out in affiliate marketing.

To make a long story short I have learned to write emails that get results and that people want to read.

And now you can benefit from the same sort of emails I write for my own subscribers!

Emails Are 100 - 500 Words

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Quickly Edit and Modify

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Promote Your Choice of Offers

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Build Relationships and Sales

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Mix and Match Content

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Membership Pays For Itself

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